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Updates To My DIY Electronic Geocaching Bracelet

After taking the geocaching bracelet that I made on a little field test last weekend, I realized there were a few silly errors in the code I wrote for this gadget. One of the smaller and yet significant errors was … Continue reading

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Updating my Programmable Jam Jar Light for a Camping Trip

A few months ago I created a Jam Jar light with a programmable weatherproof RGB NeoPixel strip from Adafruit. It’s a simple, fun, interactive gadget for short camping trips that helps me see at night. Using a bit of code … Continue reading

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Making a Geocaching Navigation Device

After applying a few minor adjustments to the Adafruit NeoGeo watch Arduino code and a few months of procrastination, I’ve made a device that indicates roughly how far I am from any number of destinations that I set. All of … Continue reading

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Freezing Rain in Downtown Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta today was covered in a layer of ice Wednesday morning. Where I live, near North Avenue and Piedmont, the roads were covered in an icy slush that didn’t seem to be very slippery; the few careful drivers that … Continue reading

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Programming a Jam Jar Light

I’m working on a smiple LED mood light that changes colour based on its orientation to the local magnetic field and uses an accelerometer to switch the power on/off. The little contraption consists of a programmable NeoPixel strip, wired to … Continue reading

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Programming 80’s Bike Lights

I’m working on lights for my bicycle bag that will change colour based on my acceleration and the direction I’m moving in. The extra lights might help drivers see me at night, although the primary goal here is have fun … Continue reading

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A Small Batch of Georgia Peach Jam

I made a nice little batch of peach jam this afternoon using local peaches from Georgia. The simple recipe on the PickYourOwn website I followed has an enormous amount of helpful information beyond the ingredients and steps to follow: it … Continue reading

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Sewing r = cos(2θ/3) into my Backpack with Electroluminescent Wire

I recently finished sewing the polar curve r = cos(2θ/3) into my backpack with electroluminescent (EL) wire. It was neat seeing how math, sewing, and electronics could come together in an inexpensive project, so I thought I’d write a short … Continue reading

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Cats Can Play Musical Instruments Too!

The Acro Cats show came to Atlanta for a few days, I went to see them perform on opening night. The grand finale consisted of a chicken playing the cymbals while five cats played various musical instruments surprisingly well, given … Continue reading

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A Lovely Batch of Cranberry Applesauce

6 gala, 4 honeycrisp, 1 bag of frozen cranberries, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and orange juice. No sugar. An hour of peeling, coring, stirring, mashing, and  taste testing. The result: a large, lovely, cranberry applesauce. Next time, I’d spend less time … Continue reading

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