Updates To My DIY Electronic Geocaching Bracelet

Geocaching BraceletAfter taking the geocaching bracelet that I made on a little field test last weekend, I realized there were a few silly errors in the code I wrote for this gadget. One of the smaller and yet significant errors was a missing comma between the latitude and longitude coordinates of the cache we were looking for. As a result of this missing character, the bracelet was unable to recognize the correct location of the cache, and we couldn’t use the bracelet. Although we had the correct coordinates in a phone that had the official Geocaching app and were able to locate our cache with it, it was interesting to experience how a simple error in the code had a practical implication. Most (but not all) of the products I use every day have all/most of their bugs worked out before I start using them, so this isn’t a process that happens very often. It helped me appreciate the work that goes into designing the many gadgets I use from day-to-day, and the importance of fine details (like missing commas) in a way that DIY programming projects are certainly capable of.

Where I seem to be stuck now is deciding where to go from here: do I continue working on the bracelet, or do I move on to another project? How could I make further improvements or add additional features? I’m sure I’ll find another project to keep me busy, but in any case, a few other minor errors in the code were identified, repaired, and the code on GitHub was updated.

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