Freezing Rain in Downtown Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta today was covered in a layer of ice Wednesday morning. Where I live, near North Avenue and Piedmont, the roads were covered in an icy slush that didn’t seem to be very slippery; the few careful drivers that were on the roads were not sliding, often. I took a video of the traffic near the Fox Theatre this morning, which seemed to be moving along alright. Drivers were cautious, but alright.

I was lucky to have the day off, and power in my apartment throughout the day. Earlier today, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported more that 150,000 customers across Georgia were without electricity. An up-to-date map of power outages in the state gives a current sense of the location and scale of the power-outs. The freezing rain is expected to last until the 7:00 AM Thursday, so it’s not over yet.

Later in the afternoon today, I wandered downtown and took a few photographs of the Fox Theatre, the Sun Trust building, and a few other places to capture a view of the weather in my neighbourhood. You can click on any one of the photos to view a fancy slideshow.

A video I took from the bottom of the Sun Trust building, near the intersection of Peachtree Street NE and West Peachtree Street NE. shows a bit of wind, and some ice on the trees.

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2 Responses to Freezing Rain in Downtown Atlanta

  1. Anna Picco says:

    Do you own a pair of winter boots down there?

    Enjoyed your pics. I’ll have to send you a shot of the snow in our back yard!

  2. gsmayer says:

    Thank you Anna! I’m sure you’d have more snow up there than here. I miss the Canadian winters.

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