A few nights ago I visited, with some of the other team members, one of the families that are moving into one of the homes we are building. Seeing the conditions they are living in now, and having a chance to talk to them was an eye opening but bitter-sweet experience. The family is extremely nice, and they are getting ready for and looking forward to moving into their new home in the fall: a few outdoor and cactus plants growing at their current home are awaiting their new home.

The following two days I was working on their unit, painting the kid’s room and the living room, which was especially meaningful having just met the family that would move in.

Overall, I found painting far more enjoyable than laying down fiberglass insulation in the ceiling. Ouch! I’ve also done some drywall work, which is more tedious that I had expected. But ALL of my other team members, my team leader, and supervisors at the worksite were AMAZING and showed me everything I needed to learn (and I learned so much over those two weeks).

On the last day, we had dinner at a nice restaurant in Hajdu with some of the families we are building for. There were tears and speeches, gifts, great food, great cappuccino, great conversations and goodbyes.

I now have another 10 days in Europe, with plans to visit the town where my grandfather was born in Slovakia today, followed by some time in Vienna and Budapest.

I’ll try to post photos of my trip soonish.

Many thanks to you for following me on my Habitat Hungary adventure!

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1 Response to Farewell

  1. Deb Melnyk says:

    Hi Greg!
    Your mom gave me the link to your page and I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the trip so much!! By this time, the house is built and hopefully the family moved in – how wonderful that is!! It sounds like you have met interesting people, grateful recipients of the house and new experiences to add to your repetoire! Continue to enjoy your travels and hopefully you will post a few photos of the regions you visit!
    Take care and safe travels!

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