Habitat Construction Going Well

I’ve been volunteering for four days now and everything is going really well. The homes we are working on are single floor, 2 or 3 bedroom duplexes. It’s been above 30 degrees in the afternoons, but I’ve been having a good time painting and priming walls. Other members of our team are installing insulation or drywall, but I’m happy to be painting.

Yesterday our team visited a family whose home was completed by HFH last September. Their home is very similar and right next to the ones we are building in Hajdu. We sang happy birthday to the little girl that lived there, who happened to be turning six years old that day.

This project I’m working on may be the last HFH trip of its kind in Hungary … for a while. Because of problems with the economy, Hungary recently terminated a certain housing grant program that it had that made home loans very cheap. This program made home loans accessible to many families in Hungary. Now, HFH is looking into focusing on renovation projects instead, but this may not have volunteers from abroad (with its Global Village program) helping with these projects because renovations are often not as simple to coordinate as building new homes.

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2 Responses to Habitat Construction Going Well

  1. Mom says:

    A painter eh! Oh boy do I have work for you to do when you return to Canada..lol Sounds like you are enjoying the work.

  2. Jesslyn says:

    Ah that’s too bad…regarding the grant termination…really unfortunate for families in need of help 😦

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