Leaving for Hajdu

Starting day 3 in Hungary, so far everything is going well. The hostel in Budapest where we’re staying is wonderful, and close to the castle district in Buda which I explored yesterday morning. I met the entire Habitat team that I’ll be working with and a representative from HFH Budapest last night. We’ll be working on a set of three duplexes in Hajdu which are nearly complete. They expect to have the homes finished by the end of August.

Last year HFH finished another set of duplexes in the village, and there are about seven active HFH projects in Hungary. I learned last night that these builds wouldn’t be possible without international teams like the one I’m in volunteering their time, as finding people in Hungary to volunteer to help build these homes can be difficult.

We have some free time in Budapest before leaving on the bus for Hajdu. Time for breakfast …

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1 Response to Leaving for Hajdu

  1. April breeze says:

    It’s good to hear that you’ve liked it there so far. And the fact that they do really depend on your volunteering work. It should feel great!
    Enjoy urself and update us with more pictures.


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