PhD Thesis Defence Passed

So on Wednesday October 29, I passed my PhD thesis defence.

People are asking me what happens next. Here’s the next few steps that I have in my life:

1. My examiners gave me revisions to make to the thesis. Every grad student gets to make revisions after they defend (provided that they pass their defence of course). So far, it looks like the revisions I have to make might take week or two to get through. My revisions are submitted to my two supervisors, and once they are ok with the revisions, I proceed to step two ….

2. After a final draft is created, I submit my thesis to the Graduate Studies office. They tell me if I have any more revisions that I have to make (such as changes to my font size, line spacing, margin sizes, and other exciting formatting adjustments). If the GSO is ok with my thesis, then ….

3. I submit a copy to the university graphics to get a bunch of copies in made into hardcopy.

I think that’s more or less what the process entails.

And I am submitting a series of exciting paperwork along the way, of course. Plus I also get to complete a 15 page Statistics Canada survey, so that the Federal Government knows I intend to do with myself after I graduate with this thing. Though that bit of paperwork actually looks interesting.

And then what? I really don’t know what I’m doing after I graduate yet, other than taking some time off!

I’ll be here until at least April, teaching differential equations to science students and trying to publish one more paper (the research never really ends when you finish your PhD … ). Most likely, I’ll still be volunteering for too many organizations again, whilst working on my dancing through my spare time.

Then in May/June, I hope to be volunteering abroad. I’ve already found a few fantastic opportunities that involve either construction or human rights projects in developing countries. If you know of any projects abroad that you would recommend, please let me know!

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